You are not alone!

  • A survey of 1,351 pastors indicated 54% had viewed Internet pornography within the last year and 30% of these had visited a porn site in the previous month.
  • Among men attending Promise Keepers, 53% admitted to viewing pornography in the previous week.
  • 68% of guys surveyed at five Christian colleges said they had intentionally looked for porn online.

If you can personally relate to these statistics because you too struggle with Internet pornography or some other form of lust or sexual sin and you are a pastor, church leader, staff member, seminary student or other Christian leader, then this site is designed to help you find the resources you need to overcome and experience progressive victory over lust. Or if you have lost the battle for sexual integrity and consequently are no longer in ministry, this site offers resources for healing and restoration.

Websites, blogs, and podcasts devoted to overcoming sexual addiction and maintaining sexual integrity are becoming easier to find, but finding resources for the pastor or Christian leader who personally struggles with sexual integrity is much more difficult. This site hopes to fill that gap and spawn more helpful ministries—for example, support groups, phone meetings, accountability relationships, life coaching, and counseling referrals.