1. I just watched this and bawled through the whole thing. I discovered my husbands issue about a month ago after nearly 20 years of marriage. Thank you for being sensitive to the emotions and true feelings of the women who suffer trauma from this sin. There is no pain like it.

  2. May the “God of all comfort” minister to you in your pain and bring healing to your wounded soul.

  3. Thanks pastor. This was truly helpful as I just discovered my husbands sex addiction a few days ago. I’m still grieving .The pain I cant even describe it and worse still even though we just got news last week that we are expecting after five years of waiting on the lord ,this discovery makes me both happy ,terribly sad and deeply hurt. I hope the babies are not at risk because I simply didn’t know what my husband has been dealing with. We are both believers He has agreed to seek help and luckily is taking ownership of his wrong doings because he has been with multiple partners over the last few years.im not sure if I believe it is possible to be completely healed for a lifetime of this sex addiction business. Well thanks pastor for putting up your video. Very refreshing.

  4. Thank you…. from the depth of my heart. Every word touched upon things I have heard or been through in my marriage and somehow it lifted a weight from my shoulders.
    I wonder how it is to be married to a healthy emotionally, physically and spiritually present husband.

  5. Thank you. It has touched me deeply and profoundly. Every word you said made sense and reflected what I have been through, what I felt and it lifted a weight from my shoulders.
    I wonder how it is to be married to a physically, emotionally and spiritually present husband.

  6. Thank you Pastor for this message. I discovered my husband’s sex addiction after 31 years of our marriage. it is very hard to describe the deep pain caused by this addiction.
    the love, trust, friendships i lost is pain me. the negative impact on my four daughters is excruciatingly killing me.

    thank you that i heard a man saying sorry and understanding what he is sorry about. Healing !!!!!!! God bless you.

  7. This was the most amazing thing I have seen. That was a sincere apology, and makes me have hope. I’ve been struggling to get through all this mess of my partners addiction, but seeing that apology was beautiful and made my day. I’ve made a site for partners of addicts to get support since I haven’t found much in case anyone wants to check it out. http://partnersofpas.boards.net

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