The Author

anonymous-avatarThis website was started and is maintained by a pastor who is also a grateful, recovering sex addict. Though he has been “in recovery” since 2000, he is now walking in solid and continuous sobriety and working to rebuild healthy relationships with his spouse and others who were wounded by his actions while active in his addiction.

While he is currently publishing this site and other resources anonymously, he has no secrets among those who really know him including his wife (full disclosure assisted by a professional counselor), his church leaders (confession, repentance, and ongoing accountability), his sponsors and accountability partners in various recovery groups (Celebrate Recovery, Sexaholics Anonymous, and Sex Addicts Anonymous), and regular sessions with a CSAT (Certified Sex Addiction Specialist) in his area. The circle of those who know this man’s story is ever widening as God’s grace allows him to maintain sobriety and minister to others in that state.

Given the details shared in these pages and in other resources, others may determine the identity of this pastor. At this point in recovery, there is little to fear from greater exposure. He believes God would have him share his story so that other pastors and men who struggle can find the help they need to overcome lust and sexual addiction.

Since the purpose of this site is to provide pastors a safe, secure, confidential place to share struggles and find help, the webmaster will continue to maintain anonymity out of respect for those just beginning their journey to victory over sexual temptation.